Controllers (iOS) / Fragments (Android)

The SDK can pop controllers above your UI like product presentation pages (see Promoting In-App Purchases) or the subscription lists or any deeplink triggered by a push service.

Of course we will wait for you to tell us when we are free to cover your content by calling isReadyToPurchase (more details) but you might want to take control on the controller animation, position… It can be a side bar with the offer on tablets or toaster messages for the error messages.

You can override the default behaviors and implement yours by using the PLYUIDelegate.


To change the transition, size, position … of a presented controller (PLYUIControllerType gives you the type of controller displayed):

func display(controller: UIViewController, type: PLYUIControllerType) {
	// Present the controller your way

Android only : We advise you to call Purchasely.setUiListener(null)when done to remove all references to your activity if you are not using WeakReference

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