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Errors & alerts

Some information messages are displayed to the user during the purchase life cycle like:
  • Purchase completed
  • Restoration completed
Many errors can occure during the purchase process and are embedded in these messages liek:
  • Network error
  • Product not found
  • Purchase impossible (or canceled)
  • Restoration incomplete
  • And some more listed in PLYError object and translated in the supported languages of the SDK.
All these alerts are listed in PLYAlertMessage enum.
The SDK displays these alerts using a standard UIAlertController (iOS) / AlertDialog (Android) message with a single Ok button to dismiss.
If you wish a more customised way to display error messages, a way that reflects more your app, you can override the default behaviour by setting yourself as the delegate (PLYUIDelegate on iOS) or listner (UIListener on Android) you will then be responsible for displaying the messages yourself.
That way you could also override the behaviour and trigger some specific actions when the user taps on the button for example.
func display(alert: PLYAlertMessage, error: Error?) {
let alertTitle = alert.title
let alertContent = alert.content ?? error?.localizedDescription
let alertButtin = alert.buttonTitle
// Display your modal
[Purchasely setUIDelegate:self];
- (void)displayWithAlert:(enum PLYAlertMessage)alert error:(NSError *)error {
// Display your modal
Purchasely.uiListener = object: UIListener {
override fun onAlert(alert: PLYAlertMessage) {
when(alert) {
PLYAlertMessage.InAppSuccess -> displaySuccessDialog(alert)
PLYAlertMessage.InAppSuccessUnauthentified -> displaySuccessDialog(alert)
is PLYAlertMessage.InAppError -> displayErrorDialog(alert)
Purchasely.setUiListener(new UIListener() {
public void onAlert(@NotNull PLYAlertMessage alert) {
if(alert instanceof PLYAlertMessage.InAppSuccess) {
//TODO display success view
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