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Console Configuration

This is a simplified overview of our more detailed console configuration


Create a New Application
The mandatory parameters are :
  • Name: the name of the application as it will be displayed in the Purchasely Console
  • The default language: this will define which language shall be used when the language on a user device is not supported by the application. ⚠️ It can't be changed later
  • Store Configuration
The next step is to plug your applications with the different stores you want to use.

Apple App Store

By clicking on the Apple App Store tab in your App Settings you can do the 3 required steps for Apple configuration
App bundle id
Shared App Secret
Store Kit 2
By default Purchasely SDK uses Store Kit 2, you need to grant us a specific access to your In-App Purchases for our service to work Please follow this guide to configure Store Kit 2 with Purchasely
You can use Store Kit 1 if you want, just skip this step and make sure that Purchasely.start() is configured with Store Kit 1
Server to Server notifications

Google Play Console

You will need to follow those steps:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Create the Service Account
  3. 3.
    Grant Access to the Service Account
Once you have completed all those steps, it can take up from 30 minutes to 48 hours to Google to activate those new permissions, specifically the 2nd step App Permission for the service account

Server to Server notifications

We connect to Google Cloud Pub/Sub automatically for you by using your service account access. All you need to do is click on "Connect to Google" and follow the steps
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