Paywall observer mode

When to use it ?

This mode is perfect to use Purchasely data and Purchasely paywalls without changing your existing purchase layer.

You can use this mode if you want to:

  • use Purchasely remotely modifiable paywalls

  • benefit of our unified data set of subscription events to get a better understanding of your subscribers' lifecycle

  • fuel your marketing tools with these events and create no-code automations

  • all this without changing your legacy transaction processor / backend

What you can do in this mode ?

You can:

  • Display paywalls and modify them remotely

  • Create as many paywalls as you need and multiply the touch points

  • Receive our subscription events from our Webhook to trigger your automations

  • Connect our data with your marketing tools using our integrations

  • Analyse your business with our great charts

Purchasely will provide the controllers (iOS) and fragments (Android) for your paywalls and will inform you about subscription events through our Webhook and integrations.

In this mode Purchasely won't consume your purchases or acknowledge purchases made.

  • On iOS we won't finish the transaction of your consumables that will remain in the queue if you don't do that in your code.

  • On Android the transactions will be cancelled and refunded after 3 days.

General overview


1- Start the SDK

The start method must be called as soon as possible to catch every purchase / renewal.

In this mode, Purchasely will be able to display paywalls and observe transactions but will not process them and validate them with Apple and Google

The most important argument to set, besides apiKey , of course, is the runningMode in paywallObserver

The userID parameter is optional and allows you to associate the purchase to a user instead of a device. You can also set it up later if you wish to.

import Purchasely

func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplicationLaunchOptionsKey: Any]?) -> Bool {
    Purchasely.start(withAPIKey: "API_KEY,
                         appUserId: nil,
			 runningMode: .paywallObserver,
			 eventDelegate: nil,
			 logLevel: .debug) { (success, error) in
	return true

View implementation details

2- Set user identifier

We need to know whenever a user is logged in or logged out to:

  • Hide the login button in the paywalls

  • Check if the user already used a trial and display the correct price

View implementation details

Use a PaywallActionInterceptor to handle login from a paywall and display your login screen

3- Configure and present paywalls

To display a paywall, you need to can get a Controller / Fragment from Purchasely.

View implementation details

Then you must use the Paywall Actions Interceptor to perform the purchase triggered from Purchasely's paywalls with your purchase system.

Here is an example where MyPurchaseSystem is your internal subscription management system.

Purchasely.setPaywallActionsInterceptor { [weak self] (action, parameters, presentationInfos, proceed) in
	switch action {
		// Intercept the tap on purchase to display the terms and condition
		case .purchase:
			// Grab the plan to purchase
			guard let plan = parameters?.plan, let appleProductId = plan.appleProductId else {

			MyPurchaseSystem.purchase(appleProductId) { (success, error) {
				// We handle the purchase so we tell Purchasley not to handle it
				if success {
					presentationInfos?.controller?.dismiss(animated: true, completion: nil)

4- Sync your purchases

In oberver and paywallObserver modes, when a purchase or a restoration is made with your current flow, call the synchronize() method of our SDK to send the receipt to our backend. This allow us to save the receipts on our server to prepare for your migration.

// synchronize all purchases

// or you can synchronize for the specific apple product id bought
try await Purchasely.syncPurchase(for: "apple product id")

Paywalls can be used in many othe ways that can be:

6- Migrate your existing subscriber base (optional)

If your app already has subscribers, you must migrate them to Purchasely to:

  • Have complete dashboards including every subscriber acquired in the past

  • Handle status using the userSubscriptions

Follow this guide to import your subscribers to Purchasely.

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