Flutter SDK
Guide for integrating Purchasely SDK inside your Flutter application


Flutter Pub.Dev

You can use pub.dev to install Purchasely by running this command in your project:
flutter pub add purchasely_flutter

Android Integration

Add Stores dependencies

Our Flutter SDK does not contains a store to avoid unnecessary integrations. You have to specifically declare which stores you want. To add our stores dependencies to your project, you just need to add them to the app/build.gradle file of your android folder in your project.
dependencies {
//Google Play Store
implementation 'io.purchasely:google-play:3.2.1'
//Amazon App Store
implementation 'io.purchasely:amazon:3.2.1'
//Huawei Mobile Services
implementation 'io.purchasely:huawei-services:3.2.1'

Huawei Integration

Huawei needs a little more configuration to work properly, to integrate Huawei Mobile Services, please refer to our Android documentation : https://docs.purchasely.com/quick-start/sdk-installation/quick-start#huawei-mobile-services
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