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React Native SDK

Guide for integrating Purchasely SDK inside your React Native app



You can use NPM to install Purchasely
npm install react-native-purchasely --save
Don't forget to change the minimum OS versions to match Purchasely requirements (iOS 11 / Android 21)
For Android, no store is included by default, you have to add the ones you wish to use, please see below
// Podfile
platform :ios, '11.0'
// Edit file android/build.gradle
buildscript {
ext {
minSdkVersion = 21 //min version must not be below 21
compileSdkVersion = 33
targetSdkVersion = 33
allprojects {
repositories {

Google Play Billing

Google is not provided by default as you have a choice on Android To add Google as a store, you can use our NPM dependency
npm install @purchasely/react-native-purchasely-google --save
This dependency version must always match the react-native-purchasely version Be very careful to always update both at the same time

Huawei Mobile Services

To add Huawei as a store, you can use NPM
npm install @purchasely/react-native-purchasely-huawei --save

Amazon In-App Purchases

To add Amazon as a store, you can use NPM
npm install @purchasely/react-native-purchasely-amazon --save
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