Have a better understanding of your subscriber base and MRR evolution


The subscriptions dashboard presents the evolution of:

  • Daily active subscriptions: subscriptions that started and has not yet expired. Free trials and subscribers that have cancelled the renewal of their subscription are included.

  • Daily new subscriptions and churn: the number of new subscriptions (free trials included) and churns (subscriptions ended) per day.

  • Daily refund rates: the proportion of subscriptions initially taken that were refunded. The date displayed is the date the subscription started not the day of the refund. That means you should expect past days to change.


The Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is an indicator of the size and growth of your paid subscribers base and so your subscription business. MRR differs from standard revenue calculation for non-subscription business in the way that it spreads over the subscription length, the actual revenues generated by each user. The amount is calculated on a 28-day base period. If you have an annual subscription at 100$ it will appear as 7,66$ MRR (100 / 365,25 * 28). A weekly subscription at 1.99$ will appear as 7,96$ (1,99 / 7 * 28)

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