Creating your Products

This section describes how to manage your catalogue of items to sell (products & plans)

Purchasely offers the possibility to add new In-App Purchase to your catalogue in the app remotely, without needing any app submission.

This catalogue configuration is done partly directly in the Mobile Applications Stores and partly in the Purchasely Console.

In Purchasely, catalogue items use a 2-levels model : Products & Plans

  • Products are high level representation of what user can buy like a "Netflix subscription". A product can be distributed in various versions named Plans

  • For a same Plans can vary from one another regarding 2 dimensions :

    • Multi-tiers products can propose different entitlements (i.e.: levels of access). e.g. : bronze, silver, gold

    • Multi-periodicity products can have different renewing periodicity e.g. : daily, weekly, monthly, yearly

Products are the equivalent of a Subscription Group in App Store Connect and Plans are the equivalent of a Product in AppStore Connect. This means that subscribers won't be able to subscribe to 2 different Plans in the same Product.

  • Each Plan is distributed over various distribution Platforms

    e.g. : Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Huawei App Gallery, …

Types of in-app purchases

Purchasely is compatible with all the type of in-app purchases managed on the stores:

  • Renewing subscriptions

  • Non renewing subscriptions

  • Consumables

  • Non consumables

Refer to non-subscription products documentation for more information.

General process

  1. New in-app purchases must first be created in the Mobile Applications Stores (e.g.: App Store, Play Store, Huawei App Gallery)

  2. Products & Plans are then created in the Purchasely Console

  3. Product IDs shall finally be reported from the Mobile Applications Stores, to the Purchasely Console

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