Paywall action interceptor

This feature replaces both Login and Purchase interceptor with a more generic approach.

Starting with v3.0, Purchasely allow you to intercept and override every paywall action.

This can be used to:

  • paywallObserver mode: intercept purchase and restore actions to perform them using your own code or another SDK

  • Intercept the login button tapped to display your login form

  • Force the explicit acceptance of terms and conditions before a purchase

  • Intercept the call to a webview to inject credentials and be directly logged in

  • Block promo codes in Kids category apps to add a parental permission gate

  • Block direct access to external content (webview or link to Safari) in Kids category apps to add a parental permission gate

With the action interceptor, you get everything you need to:

  • Get the action (and context)

  • Display views, errors, messages, … above our paywalls

  • Choose if Purchasely should continue the action or not

You can intercept the following buttons being tapped:

  • Close

  • Login

  • Navigate (web or deeplink)

  • Purchase

  • Restore

  • Open another paywall

  • Promo code


The interceptor passes 4 parameters:

  1. action, the PLYPresentationAction enum that gives the type of action

  2. parameters, a dictionary that contains the objects needed to perform the action (like a PLYPlan for a purchase)

  3. info, the PLYPresentationInfo object containing the controller of the paywall to dismiss it or display content / error messages above it, and the presentation id and content id associated to this paywall

  4. proceed a completion handler parameter with a boolean telling Purchasely if it should continue the action itself.

    i.e. : Returning true on a purchase action will lead Purchasely to trigger the purchase

On a login action, call proceed(true) to refresh the paywall if the user has logged in

If you don't handle every action, you HAVE TO call proceed(true) otherwise the bouton will keep spinning and nothing will happen.

Purchasely.setPaywallActionsInterceptor { [weak self] (action, parameters, info, proceed) in

	switch action {
	// Intercept the tap on login
	case .login:
		// When the user has completed the process
		// Pass true to reload the paywall if user is logged in
		self?.presentLogin(above: info?.controller) { (loggedIn) in
			Purchasely.userLogin(with: "MY_USER_ID")
	// Intercept the tap on purchase to display the terms and condition
	case .purchase:
		self?.presentTermsAndConditions(above: info?.controller) { (userAcceptedTerms) in

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