SDK configurations

With SDK v3, Purchasely moves from a monolith to a modular system composed of 3 modules:

  • Transaction processor: Cross-platform management of subscriptions and one-time purchases

  • Subscriber Data Hub: Real-time subscription lifecycle events used to fuel our dashboards and integrations like Firebase analytics, Amplitude, Airship, Braze, Batch, Segment, …

  • User Journey Optimizer: Our Paywall CMS to create and optimize native subscription screens

That way Purchasely can be used in many ways to:

  • Perform purchases

  • Analyse purchases that were made with your own IAP system (aka observer mode)

  • Display paywalls

  • Use everything offered by Purchasely without changing your own transactional system

And of course everything listed above.

To reflect these compositions, you have to select a runningMode when you initialize Purchasely:

  • transactionOnly

  • observer

  • paywallObserver

  • full

Running modes comparison

Running modes



Same as paywallOnly but Purchasely also observes transactions made by your system to fuel its dashboards and Webhook.


Paywall Builder

Subscriber Data Hub

full (default)

Purchasely handles everything from paywall to transactions including data and Webhooks.


Transaction Processor Subscriber Data Hub Paywall Builder

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