Promoting In-App Purchases

Only available on iOS SDK

What are promoted In-App Purchases

You can use the Promoting In App Purchase feature to increase the visibility of your purchases in the App Store. These items are searchable on the App Store and can be purchased directly from the store.

It is a great way to improve your ASO and conversion.

Choosing the visual

In App Store Connect, you will select the App Store product (a plan) to promote and add a promotional artwork following Apple Guidelines.

In Purchasley console, select the presentation associated to that plan and that will be displayed before the purchase.


Here is what we do for you:

  • Once a product is purchased we make sure that it won't be visible on the App Store page of your app to make more room to other products you might be selling\

  • Apple says: "If you are offering an auto-renewable subscription, you’ll need to explain how auto-renewal works in the purchase flow within your app". In that case we pop the product offer paywall once your app is started.

To ensure that we won't be popping the paywall during on boarding or loading … you need to call the following method when your app is ready:



To test the flow before you submit your app or your promotion, you can do the following:


Replace APP_BUNDLE_ID and IN_APP_PRODUCT_ID by the appropriate values and paste it into Notes app. Clicking on it will start a purchase action just like the App Store would.

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